Tips for choosing healthy dog food

When it comes to finding the healthiest and tastiest dog food, I have found that a little research goes a long way. After all, we want our pets to remain healthy, strong, and happy for as long as possible. In today’s popular grocery markets, there is a plethora of dog foods, from various manufacturers, which features a healthy dog running across a yard with titles like “100% natural” or “fortified with the nutrition your dog needs”. The challenge is, however, that many of these popular brands, although cheap, are filled with preservatives, cornmeal, and other superfluous fillers. I recognize the fact that it can be difficult spending a pretty penny on quality dog food or even taking the time out of your already busy schedule to research quality food options for your pets, which is why I created this blog! Below, you will find a list a dog foods I highly recommend, alongside its price as listed on Petsmart’s or Amazon’s website:

Dry Kibble:                   Blue Buffalo Dog Food Pic

  • Blue Buffalo is an EXCELLENT choice and prices range from $15.99 – $54.99, depending on size
  • Wellness Core Dog Food  is another fine option for your dog with prices ranging from $16.99 – $66.99
  • Innova Natures Table  is a tested, tried, and true quality dog food for dogs and prices range from $14.99 – $61.99


Wet Food:

  • Fresh Pet Select Slice and Serve is an amazing quality dog food and prices range from $20.00 for 6lbs.
  • Newman’s Own Organics Grain Free (canned) is another viable, popular choice by pet owners, with prices ranging from $30.62 for 12 cans.
  • Wellness Core Dog Food (Canned) 31.95 for 12 cans.

 Of course, there are many other excellent brands out there, and you can always buy the above mentioned items from, like I do, for more affordable rates.   I say spend the money now on quality food for your furry friend and avoid the hefty vet bill later that can result from poor nutrition!

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