Q: Is Unleashed Pet Sitters bonded and Insured?

A: Yes!  We are insured through Pet Sitters International.


Q: Can my pet come to your home?

A: No, we look after your pets in their own home where they will feel safe and relaxed. 


Q: Will I have the same pet sitter every time?

A: We will try to provide the same pet sitter every time. 


Q: What is the preferred form of payment?

A: Payment is due on or before the start of service.  You can pay with PayPal, cash or check.  Please make checks out to Unleashed Pet Sitters.


Q: Your name is Unleashed Pet Sitters…Does that mean you walk dogs off leash?

A: No, the safety of your pet is out number one concern and for that reason we cannot walk your dog without a leash.


Q: Do you walk dogs when it is overly hot outside?

A: No, we will not walk dogs for extended periods when it is over 90.


Q: How many visits a day do you recommend for my dog?

A:  We require at least two visits a day for your dog but recommend at least three visits.


Q: How many visits a day do you recommend for my cat?

A: We require at least one visit a day for cats. 


Q: What if my dog can be aggressive or has other behavior issues?

A:  The meet and greet will be a time when we get to meet your pet and learn about any behavioral problems.  If your dog shows signs of aggression or if the pet sitter feels uncomfortable for any reason, we will not be able to provide pet sitting for you. We want to feel safe and enjoy our visits.


Q: How do I schedule my dog walk or pet sitting services?

A: Call us at 512-619-4059 or fill out the form on the right.  We will set up a free meet and greet.  This will give us the opportunity to meet you and your pet.