Tips for choosing healthy cat food


My cat, Velvet

As a cat owner myself, I know how incredibly important our cat’s health is. This is why I have written this week’s blog on feline nutrition, along with some tips and suggestions for your cat’s well being. Below are some pointers for your furry friend:

  • Read the label and look for protein content (many common cat foods contain fillers and preservatives). Protein should be the first ingredient in your cat’s food.
  • Canned food is better than dry food because it is lower in carbs and has a high moisture content.  Since cats are not very good about drinking water and are notorious for developing urinary tract infections, eating wet food will help them to stay hydrated.
  • Make sure the food is grain free!  Lots of carbohydrates will make your cat fat.  Think about what a cat would eat in the wild (they wouldn’t go for grains).  They are instinctual hunters.
  • A large percentage of fish in cat food is caught in China and can be high in heavy metals, which are toxic to both cats and humans.
  • Many people prefer feeding their cat raw food or making homemade cat food. 

 I hope the above mentioned tips and suggestions help you with maintaining you cat’s health, resiliency, energy level, and overall happiness, like they have with mine. Please remember that when it comes to switching your cat’s food, it is imperative to do it gradually.  Cats can often be very picky about their food and may have a hard time adjusting to a new brand. I recommend introducing the food gradually by mixing the new with the old, gradually increasing the new food over time.  Sometimes a cat will just not accept a particular food.  If that happens many pet stores will let you return the food.  Ask before you buy just to be sure.



  1. My wife and I recently got a car, so thanks for sharing these food tips. I like your point about how canned food has a higher moisture content than dry food. We’ll be sure to feed him this so he can stay hydrated too.

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